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begins with you.

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You may have a crystal-clear vision of how to effect positive change in the world. You might have the technical knowledge to launch an innovation that will change lives. But maybe, in managing the day-to-day challenges of business operations and growth, you’re struggling to achieve the level of impact you intended. What’s holding you back isn’t your passion or technical ability — it’s how you lead yourself.

Disrupting the status quo begins with disrupting you.

Executive coaching creates the opportunity to disrupt yourself by challenging the conscious and unconscious mindsets, tools, and habits that shape how you function as a leader. By developing a greater capacity for self-leadership, you’ll become more empowered to create the transformational change you seek.

I believe every individual has unlimited potential to transform our world. Excellence Unbounded’s executive coaching helps you unlock that potential to reach exceptional levels of performance and impact. As an executive coach, I partner with visionary, paradigm-breaking leaders and social entrepreneurs who want to go further in learning to lead themselves and others.

Ready to discover your most powerful self?

I’d love to help you become the leader our world needs you to be.

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Meet Shawnette Rochelle

Founder & Executive Coach

I’ve always been deeply invested in helping others drive change, even as a kid. Later in life, traveling and seeing people around the world tackling the complex challenges of our time is what planted the seeds for the work that I do today. Maybe it was growing up as an Army brat, but I’ve always seen things through a global lens.

As a certified executive coach, retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel, and insatiable world traveler, I have more than 20 years of experience leading and coaching high-performance individuals, teams, and organizations in both peacetime and wartime. Through my service in particular, I discovered a desire to support those who are challenging the prevailing norms.

I’ve seen first-hand how stagnancy develops in bureaucratic organizations that are well-intentioned but hamstrung by a desire to preserve the status quo. That's why I love partnering with social entrepreneurs and visionary leaders who are consciously pushing outside the box, disrupting norms, and transforming paradigms so they can unlock new possibilities and drive positive change. 

I founded Excellence Unbounded to help aspirational leaders transform our global community by disrupting the systems that don’t serve us. To be successful, these individuals need to develop additional leadership capacities and become more effective self-leaders — that’s why disruption is an inside job

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Changing Behavior Without Being Untrue to Myself

“Coaching helped to not only break mindsets, but also to connect with more natural-feeling paths that help me change behavior without feeling like I have to be untrue to myself.”

CEO, Startup Incubator

Unlock your Potential

Through Executive Coaching

Every one of us has an innate capacity to drive innovation. But there are a few crucial leadership capacities we need to develop before true innovation is possible — capacities that shape our ability to do disruptive, transformative work.

Excellence Unbounded’s executive coaching helps you hone four essential leadership capacities by developing greater self-awareness and enlightened critical thinking. Together we’ll create a roadmap to help you unlock and use the tools that are uniquely yours in a way that’s completely organic to you.

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When things go wrong, it often starts with your mindset. We’ll dive into the deeply held beliefs — both conscious and unconscious— that are driving your decisions and actions.

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Overcoming adversity to drive change requires courage. Courage to ask ourselves hard questions, courage to take risks, and courage to step boldly into the unknown.

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Failure is always a possibility, no matter how hard we try to avoid it. What’s more important is how you respond. That’s why resilience underlies every aspect of personal and professional growth.

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To bring a novel solution to life, you need the right mindset, the courage to move forward, and the resilience to face whatever life throws at you.

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Enhance Your Event

 with an Inspirational Speaker

Drawing on words of courage and power, words of encouragement and support, I’ve delivered powerful presentations on unconventional thinking to audiences across the globe. From organizational workshops and festivals to corporate breakout sessions, I’ve been successful in quickly connecting with audiences on many topics.

I specialize in presentations for early-stage startups, incubators and accelerators as well as social impact organizations. Topics range from finding the courage to navigate change to emotional self-regulation, with every talk grounded in the common threads of our daily lives.

My presentations are designed to help social entrepreneurs and startups navigate the complex challenges of the
21st century.