What is Coaching? What is coaching? Be honest. If someone tells you they are a coach, do you know what that means? Of course, I mean AFTER you clarify they do not coach a sport, do you know what they mean when they say they are a coach? If the answer is “no,” do not … Read more

The Spheres of Entrepreneurship Many narratives surrounding entrepreneurship paint an inaccurate picture. They depict scenarios that suggest the entrepreneur controls all aspect of the business from conception to execution. The work that Excellence Unbounded does with entrepreneurs to support them in building leadership capacity breaks with this false narrative. Consider it using the following framework. … Read more

Shifting the Paradigm of Entrepreneurship Most entrepreneurial programs believe that entrepreneurial success can be managed or unlocked by sending entrepreneurs on “conventional journeys” that consist of elements that revolve around access to mentors, advisors and technical resources. These “conventional journeys” are externally focused. History demonstrates that things don’t become routine without proof of concept. Of … Read more