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Developing leadership skills is not a final destination. It’s a process of continual learning and growth. That’s why Excellence Unbounded’s coaching is designed to address the needs of leaders at different points along a continuum.

Excellence Unbounded supports each stage of leadership growth through the development of targeted skills that are grounded in the four essential leadership capacities. Each client’s developmental program is tailored to support his or her unique challenges and desired outcomes.

Coaching engagements can range from a set of one-on-one conversations to a blend of team coaching. Your own engagement will be structured around where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow. Just get in touch, and we’ll determine the best course of action to achieve your goals.


Coaching Programs

These programs are tailor-made for visionary leaders at the helm of dynamic companies, those who dare to redefine the status quo and are hungry to amplify their impact. From startup pioneers navigating uncharted waters to seasoned executives steering corporate giants through the winds of change, all will find value in these transformative journeys.

Which stage matches you?


You’ve successfully brought a product or service to market; you’re now refining your team and trying to support the rapid evolution of your business. Leadership, decision-making, and risk management are among your challenges.

Having successfully grown your business, you need to shift from responding to it to working on it. To drive continued growth, you need to better embody the role of a leader.


Visionary Leader

You have the right people, products/services, and systems in place. You’re facing the complexities that come with leading an enterprise while weighing larger questions about what’s next for the organization.

Leadership Development Levers

Seize the initiative by embarking on a leadership journey tailored to your unique challenges. Whether you're launching a startup, steering through growth, or leading an enterprise, our leadership development levers will offer you profound insights that will enhance what you perceive to be possible, grow your confidence, and equip you to navigate the intricacies of your unique challenges in new ways.

Individual Tool:

CEO Coaching

This one-on-one coaching is designed for CEOs who recognize the benefits of investing in developing their capacity for self-leadership.

  • Helps build leadership capacities in support of specific outcomes
  • Equips leaders to better lead themselves, their teams, and their organizations

These workshops focus on the teaching and application of specific concepts in support of developmental goals for CEOs and their leadership teams.

  • Tailored content delivery speaks directly to the challenges the CEO and their team are confronting
  • Provides tools, best practices, and actionable insights that enhance productivity

Team Tool:

Leadership Workshops

Team Tool:

Team Coaching

Designed for team members and those in positions of leadership, these group coaching sessions challenge the team to maximize their performance.

  • Enhances accountability and productivity of leaders and teams
  • Improves a team’s ability to effectively self-direct
  • Empowers leaders to act more decisively

These tools can accommodate either individual leaders or teams. They include content of a predetermined length, focusing on an agreed-upon topic.

  • Provides exposure to different problem-solving approaches
  • Offers fresh perspectives for approaching existing challenges

Flexible Tools:

Intensives & Off-Sites

Ready to unlock your true leadership potential? I’d love to learn more about what’s holding you back.

Ready to unlock your true leadership potential? I’d love to learn more about what’s holding you back.

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Helping Me Ascend to the Next Level of Leadership

“I fully credit Shawnette for helping me ascend to the next level of leadership in my company. Her thoughtful approach to coaching helped me unlock some talents in myself, and she helped me discover the value of deliberate practices like journaling to tap into more of my talents.”

Kwasi Asare
Technology Industry