Leading Teams Through Skill Gaps in Today’s Workplace

Research from the World Economic Forum reveals that a staggering 44% of team members expect to encounter or develop skill gaps in 2024 because of technological advancements. Performance gaps erode a team's confidence. This erosion contributes to burnout, high turnover, and decreased productivity.

As CEO, navigating conversations about skill gaps requires nuance. These conversations require an understanding of different perspectives. Employees enter these conversations motivated to keep their jobs. The executive leadership team approaches this topic focused on the need to mitigate impacts on productivity. These differing interests create tensions that you have an obligation to confront as a leader.

The pace of technological advancement will only accelerate in the years ahead. The demand for generative AI continues to grow despite the absence of a clear assessment of AI’s impacts on the future of work. Leading in this space requires you to embrace uncertainty and navigate it with courage.

Consider this: As you confront this challenge, who does your organization need you to be?

Courage is the ability to venture into the unknown, persevere in adversity, and withstand fear or difficulty.

Leading through uncertainty entails more than just making decisions based on incomplete data. It requires fundamental mindset shifts that will empower you to lead your team confidently and drive results.

At Excellence Unbounded, we help CEOs develop greater leadership capacity in four key domains: Mindset, Courage, Resilience, and Innovation. These pillars serve as the foundation for the transformative leadership necessary for skillfully navigating today's complex global marketplace.

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