The final countdown…⏳

The final countdown...⏳

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Welcome to Inner Frontiers for Outer Impact, a weekly newsletter that explores leadership through the lens of self-leadership, with a deep dive into Mindset, Courage, Resilience, & Innovation.

In today’s email:

A look ahead: Does anybody know what we’re looking at? 👁

Getting practical: Threading the needle of actionable insights 🪡

Quote: Wait! Who said what? 🗣

A Look Ahead

Hey there! We are in the final countdown to the full launch of Inner Frontiers for Outer Impact, and I am super excited. Before next week’s first issue, I wanted to share a sneak peek of the new look and feel of what you will receive each week.

I promised you more of me, so I adjusted the look and content to reflect that. It’s a bit more playful, less stuffy and, with respect to the layout, clearly an homage to elements I enjoy from Morning Brew, The Hustle, and a few other newsletters. Hey, they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so the teams at those publications should definitely be flattered. 🤣

Wondering what sort of content will be a part of future issues? Here’s a brief teaser of a few topics that will be featured in the weeks and months ahead:

😉 Dive deep into leadership lessons from the world’s largest living organism

💪🏽 Māori leadership: A blueprint for building strong, resilient teams

🧠 Rewire your leadership approach with cutting-edge neuroscience discoveries

🖼️ From Picasso to Pop: Uncover the leadership secrets hiding in plain sight

Getting Practical

Future issues will always incorporate actionable insights. As a coach, my approach to this is that it will be a blend of takeaways and reflective questions.

Why not just provide you a list of things to do to put the insights into action? Because that rarely ever leads to lasting change. You change when you arrive at the answers for yourself. So, my commitment is to bring the coaching approach to this, just as I do in all other areas of my life.

Parting Words of Wisdom

Those who know me well know how much I love quotes. I collect them all the time and share them in my conversations and writings.

I love how words from someone else, from another time or place, can inspire, comfort, or make us think deeply. I want to share more of these quotes with you in the hopes they may spark reflection that catalyzes meaningful action.

I thought the quote below would be a great one to kick off this new incarnation of the newsletter. If you have quotes you would like to share with me, just reply to this email with them. If they work with future issues, I would love to feature them.

How I Can Help You

🚀 CEO Coaching Programs: Are you a CEO who wants to skillfully navigate uncertainty, lead confidently, and drive results? Developing greater leadership capacity in 4 key domains (Mindset, Courage, Resilience, & Innovation) will empower you to do all three.

Book time here to learn about the bespoke 1:1 coaching programs I deliver. During this call, we will talk about your challenges, your goals, and how we might partner to fully unbound your excellence.

🎤 Speaking Engagements: My mom can attest to the fact that I LOVE to talk. 😂 Now, I put that talent to work delivering talks on Mindset, Courage, Resilience, & Innovation.

A few past clients include KraftHeinz, Amazon’s Women @ Payments, PAHEi, & the Panamá Chapter of the International Coaching Federation (this talk was delivered in Spanish).

If you are interested in having me speak at your event, please fill out this form.

My friends, this is the dawn of “a fresh beginning.” ☀️ I cannot wait to see what we will create together. If there are topics you would like me to explore in a future newsletter, please reply to this email with them.

Thank you to those of you who have already replied to one of the last 2 emails with ideas and encouragement. I truly appreciate you!

Until next week,

Shawnette 💃🏽

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