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As an executive coach, I’ve been blessed to work with inspiring leaders and disruptors in organizations across the globe, helping them develop a fuller realization of who they are and what they’re capable of doing. I’m grateful for the opportunity to help these individuals unlock their unbounded potential! Here’s what they have to say about their experiences in Excellence Unbounded’s executive coaching program.

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“Working with Shawnette and Excellence Unbounded gave me critical insight and a new set of tools to use to effectively lead my team during a particularly important time for my company. Effective leadership skills for founders of tech companies is an often-overlooked area, and working with a coach who understands the demands placed on us is so important to overall success.”

- Kellee James, Founder & CEO, Mercaris

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“I fully credit Shawnette for helping me ascend to the next level of leadership in my company. Her thoughtful approach to coaching helped me unlock some talents in myself, and she helped me discover the value of deliberate practices like journaling to tap into more of my talents.”

– Kwasi Asare, Technology Industry

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“Excellence Unbounded is a worthwhile investment for any organizational leader seeking to grow and improve. As the founder of a start-up national nonprofit, I knew there were areas where our organizational growth and trajectory were stuck, so coaching really gave me the space to work through that internally to then turn around and lead the organization forward.”

– Laura L. Dunn, Founder, SurvJustice

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“My confidence has grown exponentially and, through coaching, I have transitioned my mindset from having to endlessly prove my value to recognizing that I've already proven it to the organization. This allows me to perform at a higher level. The biggest change happened when I realized that the pressures I felt were mostly self-induced. I – not external factors – was cultivating feelings of frustration and stress.  Once I recognized that I was originating these feelings, I was able to employ new tools to change my thinking. I had resisted having conversations with leadership that were necessary for expectations management and Shawnette's coaching helped me discover these conversations were much easier to engage in than I had envisioned.” 

- Sean W.
Duke Health

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“I received personal and professional coaching from Shawnette over a period of 5 months. She is one of the finest leaders and teachers that I know. I was working in a field in which I had little training and education and Shawnette truly dedicated herself to ensuring that I was prepared to execute the job. Shawnette has an array of creative training tools and methods to coach and teach and she keeps things entertaining and fun. She not only made me feel comfortable, but she was very open to discussion and other viewpoints. She is one of the most hardworking and dedicated people that I know and she taught me an incredible amount about leadership, time management, personnel management, systems analysis, networking, and passion. I highly recommend Shawnette’s services to anyone looking to grow personally or professionally.”

- Myles Morrow
Former Captain, United States Marine Corps

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“Shawnette's executive coaching skills are excellent! After a few sessions, she helped me understand my core values as a professional and how to effectively remain true to them. She also helped me understand areas for improvement in my task prioritization and time management. The result was astounding. I now understand how to best manage my time, prioritize tasks, and stay on top of my daily planning even when unexpected issues pop up. I 100% recommend Shawnette and Excellence Unbounded!”

- Raúl Heraud
Managing Principal, Mercury Ventures

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“I contacted Shawnette within months of becoming CEO. I'd never worked with a coach before, but I assumed a coach would tell me what to do and how to solve problems. But her style is much more helpful than that. Her approach allowed me to dig deeper into myself and develop my own solutions in a patient and non-judgmental way. Excellence Unbounded greatly exceeded my coaching expectations.”

- Julian W., Media Industry Executive

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“Coaching helped to not only break mindsets, but also to connect with more natural-feeling paths that help me change behavior without feeling like I have to be untrue to myself.”

– M.L., CEO, Startup Incubator

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“Shawnette’s easy-going manner makes the coaching experience like talking to an observant friend. Through self-assigned homework, I gained insight and concrete ways to approach the situations that are hard to navigate. I am making changes that will make me a better leader at work and benefit me outside of work too.”

- Rosemary Herhold

Note: I took the photograph below while in Antarctica in 2019.

Ready to unlock limitless leadership potential? I’d love to help you tap into your unique strengths and abilities.

Note: I took the photograph below while in Antarctica in 2019.

Antarctica glacier pic

Ready to unlock limitless leadership potential? I’d love to help you tap into your unique strengths and abilities.