Empower Your Audience to Unlock New Levels of Impact

As an event organizer for social entrepreneurs, visionary leaders, and changemakers, you need a presenter who not only speaks to your audience’s unique pain points and challenges but also offers practical tools and insights. As a speaker, my goal is to challenge, motivate, and empower your audience to translate their vision for positive change into action.

My presentations are designed to challenge social entrepreneurs and visionary leaders with the reality that at the highest level of performance, easy answers don’t work. Those seeking to reach exceptional levels of performance must first be effective leaders of themselves.

Drawing on words of courage and power, words of encouragement and support, I’ve energized audiences across the globe with presentations on unconventional thinking. These powerful talks always tie back to self-leadership, a prerequisite for effecting transformational change, by weaving in the critical leadership capacities of Mindset, Courage, Resilience, and Innovation.

By turning the lens inward for audiences, my presentations help spark action that drives impact.

From live to virtual venues, I help mobilize leaders to disrupt the status quo by first disrupting themselves.

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“Shawnette's speech was superb, and we had over 150 people learn about the power of detachment. Personally, I can't wait to trying out this new perspective. Some quotes from the participants: "transformative", "this is really going to help me", and "so inspiring." Thanks so much, Shawnette!”

Megan Oxman,
Head of EU Credit Payment Products at Amazon

What do I talk about?

My presentations are designed to help social entrepreneurs, emerging disruptors, and ESG-focused executives navigate the complex challenges of the 21st century. Grounded in the common threads of our daily lives, these talks focus on the mindset and capacities that shape our ability to do transformative work from the inside out. 

Participants leave these presentations with a new framework, questions, and tools for exploring the mindsets and paradigms that shape how they lead themselves and others.

Topics Include:

  • Innovation: what's holding you back?
  • Mindset and the power of acceptance
  • Cultivating the courage to navigate change
  • Resilience in the face of adversity
  • Emotional self-regulation
  • Detachment and how it empowers leaders
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From organizational workshops and festivals to corporate breakout sessions, I’ve connected quickly and deeply with a variety of audiences. I truly enjoy presenting to social entrepreneurs, emerging disruptors, and visionary executives who are transforming the way organizations think about and deliver on ESG.

My presentations are perfect for:

  • Early-stage (beyond product-market fit) social entrepreneurs aiming to become better leaders
  • Startup incubators and accelerators looking to level up their leadership content
  • Social entrepreneurs and executives who are open to self-discovery as a way to deliver more impactful solutions

What event attendees say

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“There are a lot of leadership coaches and training sessions. Shawnette's work differs in that you walk away feeling energized because she focuses on bite-sized topics and provides ways to implement immediately for results.”

– Rosemary Herhold, Divisional ACOO, Duke Health Technology Solutions

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“As always, Shawnette delivers and leaves you with an Aha! moment.”

– Ekiti Lowe, Director of Finance

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“I left empowered that I can apply concepts to promote positive change in my organization.”

– Sean W., Communications Manager

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“Shawnette understands her audience and delivers relevant content in a way that holds one’s attention.”

– D.B., Duke Health Technology Solutions

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“Shawnette gave me insight in training that I didn't realize I needed! I learned how connected my body is to my everyday thinking..”

– LaDonna Worrell, Sr. Director, Duke Health Technology Solutions

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“This workshop was just what our team needed. It gave us an opportunity to learn about our response to stressful situations and how to lower that stress. Have already used what I learned a few times this week alone.”

– C. B., Tech Industry

Would you like me to speak at your next event?

Note: I took the photograph above while hiking in Torres del Paine in Chile’s Patagonia region in 2019.