Meet Shawnette Rochelle

Helping CEOs Reach New Levels of Impact

If you lead your business with the belief that vision fuels victory, if you’re a leader who embraces calculated risks, if you are a CEO who preaches innovate or stagnate, I want to work with you.

Excellence Unbounded helps committed CEOs unlock innovation across their organizations by transforming how they lead themselves and others. I’ve seen first-hand that to effect significant change, you must be fully empowered, as self-aware as possible, and operating with the tools that are uniquely yours.

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Above all, my coaching process helps you drive change from the inside out

— Because Disruption Begins with you.

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The Result Was Astounding

“Shawnette's executive coaching skills are excellent! After a few sessions, she helped me understand my core values as a professional and how to effectively remain true to them. She also helped me understand areas for improvement in my task prioritization and time management. The result was astounding. I now understand how to best manage my time, prioritize tasks, and stay on top of my daily planning even when unexpected issues pop up. I 100% recommend Shawnette and Excellence Unbounded!”

Raúl Heraud
Managing Principal, Mercury Ventures

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As an executive coach, I view my work as a collaborative partnership between coach and client. Excellence Unbounded’s approach to coaching is exploratory, not directive, meaning I’m not going to tell you what you should do. Based on inquiry and curiosity, my process is designed to enable each client to understand his or her way of being and thinking.

I often say my coaching works “from the inside out.” That’s because creating transformational change requires self-awareness of how you see the world and how that perception shapes your actions and outcomes. Throughout my coaching process, every client receives support through a personalized program that empowers him or her to look inward and, ultimately, to move outward to take action.

I work to keep my clients in the driver’s seat, sitting with questions, pondering them, and then creating and identifying what works for them to move forward. By establishing a roadmap through a collaborative partnership, we’re always moving forward in a way that validates their choices and increases clients’ confidence in themselves.

Excellence Unbounded’s Core Values:


Self-knowledge comes from inside you, not from your coach. That’s why trusting our clients is at the heart of everything we do — trusting that you’re capable and creative and that you already have the tools you need within you.


In a coaching partnership, everything boils down to the way we treat each other. I want my clients to feel respected, and I also want to feel respected as a coach. The respect I extend to my clients is what I expect in return.


You can’t break your commitments to yourself and then simply flip a switch when you’re responsible to others. That’s why, as a coach, I practice the same self-leadership that I help clients develop in themselves.

From CEO coaching to team coaching to intensives and off-sites, Excellence Unbounded offers tools that help busy CEOs and their teams excel.

My Clients:

Potential Unbounded

Over the years, I’ve been lucky enough to meet CEOs in many countries and learn how they pair entrepreneurial vision with innovative thinking to drive sustainable change. This sparked my passion for investing in leaders who are committed to making an impact but need help advancing their efforts. 

Whether through feedback, roadblocks, or the never-ending challenges presented by the dynamic, complex world in which we live, CEOs often come to realize they need to further develop as leaders to successfully deliver transformative solutions. When people become effective self-leaders, their potential is truly unbounded. 

The CEOs I work with come from a cross-section of our diverse global community. They hail from countries all over the map, speak a variety of languages, and draw on diverse educational backgrounds and perspectives. 

While my clients represent a range of industries, each one is committed to a journey of personal discovery and growth in order to create positive, transformative change with impact that reaches anywhere from local to global.

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My Training

As a certified executive coach and a retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel, I have more than 20 years of experience (including 3 combat deployments) leading and coaching high-performance individuals, teams, and organizations in both peacetime and wartime. In addition, visiting 35 countries across 6 continents has given me a unique perspective and cultural sensitivities to better serve a diverse group of clients.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science from the United States Military Academy at West Point and hold an MBA from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Studying at the world’s premier institutions for leadership and business provided powerful insights that inform the processes, competencies, and practices that are central to the customized programs I develop for clients. 

I am also a certified executive coach from the Georgetown Leadership Coaching program and a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) from the International Coaching Federation. ¡Hablo español con fluidez! I hold a Diploma de Español Como Lengua Extranjera (DELE), Level C1, issued by Spain’s Instituto Cervantes on behalf of the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science.

My Mission

Excellence Unbounded is on a mission to unlock the excellence that exists in every CEO leading the charge to embrace uncertainty, execute their vision, and drive innovation. As a coach, I love seeing people gain a fuller realization of who they are and what they’re capable of doing by helping them lean into their innate strengths to confront any challenge they face.

For me, this quote from Sam Keen tells the story of my work:

“What shapes our lives are the questions we ask, refuse to ask, or never think to ask.”

Coaching is a collaborative endeavor. I’m not advising or telling; I’m helping clients explore those three types of questions, which is what ultimately supports the work we do. At the same time, my clients recognize that they are in the driver’s seat. They’re not looking for someone to fix them or tell them what to do — they understand that their willingness to participate in an inside-out approach is crucial to developing the four leadership capacities of Mindset, Courage, Resilience, and Innovation.

Note: I took the photograph below while traveling in Guatapé, Antioquia, Colombia in 2019.

Enough about me. I’d love to talk to you about how I can help you become the leader you are meant to be.